Product Safety consulting services-planning and training

We offer design services for the development of safe products. Our main products are consumer electronics, electrical appliances, machinery and utility articles. We can also help with the safety of medical devices.

Regulatory requirements and international standards

Is the product regulatory requirements and the interpretation of international standards clear? If necessary, we will clarify the applicable standards and other requirements for the product in question.

Risk identification

We help you to identify risks in normal use and against a variety of abuses and breaches. Products must be safe to store and use in normal use and additionally in case of abuse. The product should behave safely even when broken.

Risk removal

Jointly designed to eliminate risk in a cost-effective way, as absolutely not all need to be prepared. The sooner the safety risks are detected, the cheaper it is usually to fight them together with the rest of the design.

Reviews, documantation and archives

The review of the product, the documentation of the decisions and the measures possible for future reference. This is an essential part of the possible accusation against the subject. Negligence and lack of documentation can be costly.

Testing and sertification

Has the product been tested and found to be safet? On the basis of the requirements, we consider the necessary tests and any necessary certifications.

Product lifesycle and follow-up

What happens during a product life cycle? The manufacturer’s liability is not limited to sales. Planning together with the necessary monitoring of customer service and maintenance.


Are there any products that are not damaged by users? We may perform fault analyses and determine whether the defect is caused by the user or whether the product has safety issue. It is advisable to react immediately to safety hazardsin the product, preferably before the authorities do so.

Time for actions

Is there any defects in the product that should be discontinued or collected from customers?

The situation is very regrettable and critical. However, there are still ways to avoid further damage when we act with determination and speed. Please contact us and let’s see what we can do.

If you are looking for more information on product safety in international markets, I can organise trainings about the subject.

Quality comes from every element, and safety is also the responsibility of everyone. It is good for all parties to know the basics and identify and report possible safety hazards in the products. In that way it’s possible to start reacting for the identified risk if necessary and implement corrections at the lowest possible cost.